Monday, December 10, 2007

To My Large and Faithful Audience

I know that everyone has been waiting all weekend to hear about an update on my life. Well...the hour has come.....

I just burned popcorn. Seriously. In my microwave. Actually....I ignited popcorn is probably the correct terminology. I am inept.

I had a good Samaritan help me today. There has been some crazy snow the last few days in Boulder and I had to run some errands today. Since I had my car out, I figured that I would just drive it to the library to save me some time. I came out of the library around 10:30 and couldn't get my car out of the stupid parking spot. The ice was too extreme. I skidded and burned rubber for about ten minutes, poured antifreeze on the ice near my tires (sorry environment!), and called my parents. Then a handsome young man came up and started pushing my car for me. As he is pushing my car, my stepdad is on the phone yelling that I need to ask him out. Weird to be peer pressured from your parent. Anywho, I totally wussed out....which I regret. He was pretty cute. So I am hoping that his car will still be in that parking lot in the morning. I wrote him a thank you note with my number in it. I gave him the option of dinner (meaning - has no girlfriend) or a knitted hat (meaning - has girlfriend). We shall see.

Not that my popcorn and damsel in ditress updates weren't thrilling....but lets get back to knitting. I have almost finished my grandmas scarf. I am making it out of the recycled sari silk. The person I bought it from said that it was picked up off of factory floors in India and then spun into this yarn. I believe it. I can't tell you how many sticks, dirt clumps and what not I have picked out of this darn yarn. It does go far though. One skien gave me about 5 feet on a scarf (drop stitch). I am hoping to finish it tonight/tomorrow (pulling an all-nighter). Stupid school.

I have to have all of my out-of-state christmas presents done so I can mail them out hopefully by Thursday. Latest is Friday. For those boxes I still need to make.....

~ Finish Silk Scarf for Grandma
~ Drop Stitch Hat and Scarf for Aunt Kerry
~ Embroider Towels for Aunt Kerry
~ Ipod Holder for both Steven and Ben
~ Earrings for Aunt Kerry

With all the schoolwork I have this week....I don't think I can do both the scarf and hat for my Aunt Kerry.

Oh yeah....I also got some yarn this week. I had ordered from Knit Picks a while ago and it finally came yesterday. I don't really have any projects in mind for this yarn.....just got it to see some of the different types that they had and to see if it was cheap. I also bought some natural yarn so I can try my hand at dying it. I think that will be a winter break activity. I am pretty stoked for that though. I have no clue how that will turn out....hopefully not like my popcorn.

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