Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Isn't knitting supposed to be stress relieving?!?

It's that time of year again. When absolute panic sets into the hearts and souls of crafters. When the joy of making handmade items is diminished because of deadlines. Also....being a college student with finals starting in a few days doesn't help either.

Right now....I currently have 8 WIP's.....wow.....

Afghan for my mother - 50% completed
70's golf club covers for my stepdad - 15% completed
Cable Hat for my stepmom - 75% completed
Sari Silk bag for my grandma - 5% completed
Candle Votives for my mom- 50% completed
Felted Jewelry for my mom- 50% completed
Argyle Ipod Holder for my cousin - 95% completed
Tea Towels for my mom - 40% completed

Yikes....and I still have about 30-40 other things to craft.


gosh....I am starting to sound like Scrooge. I swear I really enjoy Christmas....I am only temporarily cranky because it is 11:30 and my bedtime is nowhere in sight because of a silly paper.

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