Saturday, April 25, 2009


First off....sorry for being a slacker and not writing a blog post in the last three weeks really. I have been a jerk. I know...I know. I am lame. I know some members of my family read this to keep current with my life, so I am sorry that I haven't been more interactive.

With that being said, I do actually have some things to talk about. First off, over Easter weekend, the boy and I went to Georgia to see the actual location we are getting married in September. His mom is a local official of the island off the coast of Georgia and it was our first time seeing the wedding/reception location, so I was a little nervous. Wasn't sure what to expect or on the size...but overall I love it! There are a few problems that we will have to work around (mostly size issues), but's absolutely perfect and super cute. Here are a few pictures!

This first one shows the outside. The giant turtle is kind of a theme of the island. A lot of the major buildings/businesses have a unique one outside of it. This one features a glass Mosaic shell. Also, you can see that the building has a porch, which wraps around the entire outside. We are thinking of setting up tables outside so people can relax and drink in the evening.

This picture is of the first room looking in from the doorway. Love the color. It is almost a perfect match 0f the classic 'Tiffany' jewelry store shade. Great lighting and naturally a very beautiful room. You can't really tell from the picture, but there is a lot of detailing along the wall/ceiling line.

This room is going to be a bit more of a challenge. The walls are white as well as the floor, and since it is a historical site, we can't tape/hang/etc anything to the walls. I am going to really have to be creative with this room to add some vibrancy/color. Looking forward to the challenge.
This is just a glimpse of the outside surrounding area. I didn't really take as good of pictures as I had hoped. It is really expansive and features some great areas that can be used for games, cooking, socializing etc. There is also a ballpark and playground right next to it, which the boy wants to use for an impromptu kickball game :)
Guess it's not really that impromptu if he is already pre-meditating it....

This last picture is of the gazebo that the actually ceremony will take place. It is a short walk from the reception site, near a stream and has some great foliage. I really think it be decorated in a super cute manner.

So those are some basic pictures of where I am getting five months....gulp. I have a lot to do still. I have found the invitations that I am going to get though. I am just waiting on some final details before getting them though. Here is a link to their etsy listing though...

Um let's see....what else is new....Oh....despite my blog post earlier making fun of twitter....I am now on it.....don't worry, I have already realized my hypocrisy and it tastes good.

If you are hip like me, follow me....

I am not promising excitement...but perhaps an observation or statement might make you laugh every now and again.

Okay...really quick, I have to throw in one shameless plug. I am encroaching upon 100 sales in my etsy store. Yippee! It's been only a little longer than two months and it is going better than I could have imagined. Thanks so much if you were one of those fabulous customers, and if you weren't....check it out. You might like it. You might not.

One last thing....I highly recommend the band MGMT. I am listening to them right now and if I did drugs...I would do them to this music. They are that good. They could be the 'Grateful Dead' of the twenty-something generation.


VeganCraftastic said...

The location is gorgeous! And your invited look like they'll be very pretty :)

Amanda said...

Lovely, A! This will be such a nice place for your party.

Jen said...

It is going to be a lovely day, I just know it will. We will be small in numbers but grand in love.

Dad received his package yesterday afternoon.

Mia said...

That is really, really goergeous! I L.O.V.E. the Tiffany Room! ♥ For the other white room, I have seen some blog posts on things they did to add color to rooms when nothing could be hung on walls.... One that was pretty was like stand that a florist display would use with the bridesmaids bouquets (or any flowers!). Also using branches in pots/vases like little "trees" and hanging twinkle lights/candles/small paper lanterns.