Thursday, April 2, 2009

So Uncool

I am fairly uncool which results in my lack of blogging. Hopefully coolness will start to pump through my veins, thus allowing me to blog about fascinating topics. But until that happens....

I got to tell you. Today was an exciting day for my etsy shop. The Gods of Etsy smiled upon me and my humble store and gave me front page exposure as well as a spot in the Prom gift guides. This was extremely fantastic and hopefully will result in some more business.

I got to tell you, running an etsy store is WAY more intense than I had imagined. There are so many little details and tricks that I never realized. It's funny because you can have the coolest product in the entire world and if Oprah got her hands on it, she would start to shout and praise you, but if you don't have good pictures, advertising or business doesn't matter. This has been a great experience though and it really has opened up my eyes to the business world a little bit more.

My favorite business gadget right now is Google Analytics. It is probably one of the most amazing things ever and really helps me figure out the traffic on my store. If you don't have it yet....drop everything, go to google, sign up for analytics, enter in your blog/etsy store/facebook page/URL and gather the data from it. Bask in the pie charts, giggle over the brillance of the graphs and ponder why you have such a wide following in Poland (shout-out to all my Polish Peeps!)

P.S. I didn't think you could really kill a bamboo plant, but right now I am staring at my pitiful bamboo plant on my table which is obviously dying. Any tips on resurrecting it?

PPS. I have another plant that I had already killed about a month ago, but I continue to water it's dead leaves in hope that I can revitalize it. No luck yet. I will probably give it another month.

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Amanda said...

Bamboo doesn't like sun. Try taking it to a room that just gets a bit of light. Perhaps it will return.