Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fabulous Give-away!!

'What's that you say Ashlee? You are having a fabulous blog give-away?'

Why yes dear reader I am. And believe me....fabulous is only the beginning.

Brief story: February of 2009 - Nomsa opens for business on etsy. The store struggles a bit selling this and that...taking crummy photos....not describing items enough....but eventually Ashlee gets a bit better at doing things, spends time reading up on marketing and business and viola...Nomsa is up and running. Hip Hip Hooray! The thing is though...I can obviously improve in many ways. So I need your help. And for your help, you can hopefully get fabulous prizes. Yes....plural.

I will give you any two items in my store that you want. Anything.
*The only exclusion are 'Reserved' listings because someone has specially ordered that item, so I can't give you what is already someone else's. *

So here's the deal. I am giving each of you a chance at three entries to this contest. Do one, do all three. It's totally up to you.

1) Take a look at my store. Leave me a comment here on my blog letting me know what two things you are currently lusting over. These will be the items that you will win if chosen. Entry #1

2) Take a look at my store. Critique it. Tell me something I can improve upon. Bad lighting in photos, wrong prices, poor descriptions? Leave me a comment and tell me. I will put on my big girl panties and take it. Entry #2

3) Tell your social media networks about this give-away. Blog about it, twitter it, put it on facebook, myspace. Whatever your thing it. Leave me a comment with your blog link, twitter name, or whatever so I can see where you mentioned it. Entry #3.


* Now I am going to use to pick a number for the winner. So let's say I get 100 comments. might choose number 73. Comment 73 wins! So it's important that you leave three SEPARATE comments so you can have three separate entries. Get it?

* Make sure to put your contact info somewhere in one of your comments so I can ship your items to you. I totally don't mind sending one thing to one place, one thing to another. Maybe you want to keep one thing for yourself, give the other thing to your mom, bff or teenager. No problem. You pick the items, you pick the addresses. By the way, it's totally cool to keep both items for yourself.

* I will pick the winner at Noon EST on Monday, May 4th. Make sure you have all your entries in my then. If the winner and I are able to get in contact with each other quickly, I will make sure your items go out on Tuesday so you can have the option of giving one of the items away for Mother's Day (May 10th)

* This give-away is open to anyone anywhere in the world. Let me hear it for my Polish Peeps!!

Questions about the contest? Custom orders? Want to send me love letters? My email is Also, you can follow me on twitter. My username is nomsaknits.

Alright my lovelies....good luck, have fun and thanks!!

Oh yeah....Here's my store....
PS...This is how excited I am about this!


Anonymous said...

Cute things..see you on the CREST emails...I love the Purple Organza headband and the Red Chiffon Blooms.

Great and generous giveaway!

Anonymous said...

I also retweeted - @farmsteadlady :)

Megan said...

I love the blue stone necklace ( and the aqua dior headband (!

Megan said...


Megan said...

I think the pictures and descriptions of your items are great! Just keep trying to promote your crafts (twitter, this blog, by joining groups in the internet). Do sales for holidays and announce them and have your followers on twitter re-tweet them!

Oh, and my email is

Maxie said...

I like the Black Lily Earrings and Red Roster Feather Headband. Very cute!

prettypanda said...

Wonderful article! Glad to work with you at etsy! your shop is fabulous!

Dandy said...

That picture is so cute!

Anonymous said...

love your excited pic!! haha

your newest follower :)

follow me back? XOXO