Thursday, April 9, 2009

Letters to the nameless people in my life

Dear Cashier Lady at Freshmeal,

Thank you for always smiling at me when I buy my kombucha from you. You make nice polite conversation and have a nice smile.

Dear Lady who cuts her hair in our work bathroom,

I have been noticing lots of hair clippings in our bathroom lately? Are you trying out a new style? Do you like change? What makes you cut your hair during the middle of the work day? Also, could you please clean the counter/sink when you are done? Your clippings are yicky.

Dear Homeless Man near Metro,

Sorry I didn't knit you a hat this winter. I meant to...but I got selfish and busy. I am sorry. I hope other people are nice to you.

Dear Shy Man at Au Pain last week,

Thanks for your business card. I am sorry but I will not be calling you. You were very nice but I am in love with my boy. Thanks anyway though. I thought it was cute how nervous you are.

Dear Metro Riders,

Please don't judge me as I sit huddled over reading twilight. Yes...I am 23. Yes...I am reading a teen romance/thriller. Yes....I know how silly I might look.

Dear Security Guards at my apartment,

Thank you for making me feel safe. Our building is scary but I know that you are working hard so thank you. I will bake you cookies one day as thanks.

Dear Emergency Room Doctor,

Thanks for being nice to me and rubbing my back after you made me cry. I am sorry I cried. I got startled and you pressed hard on my sore areas. You were the nicest thing about Howard University hospital.

Dear Mail Lady,

Thank you for being the craziest mail lady ever. You march to your own beat and cause me to stare everytime I see you PS...I love your wig.

Dear Chopt Salad Boy,

You are a hard worker and very sweet. Thanks for remembering me each time I come in and telling me you can't wait to see me again. I like seeing you too!


Sara said...

This is a really fun post! I might have to steal this idea. I've written an open letter to McDonald's about their pickle placement on my blog, but that's about it for "letters" on my blog. :)

Amanda said...

I like this one, A. It's better than the letters I compose in my head to mean people, which are not very nice at all, and def. Not for sharing.