Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A year has come and gone....

Oh my goodness.... I can't believe a full year has passed since I last wrote in my blog. So much for this commitment. I have decided though to post fairly regularly though since I now have internet connection and have decided that I want to be a famous crafter. Like Martha, but only a lot hotter. So, I guess I have a lot of updates to do (not that I have any readers, but more out of formality).

1) I graduated from University. Hurray for two degrees, a failing economy, and student loans out the wazoo.
2) I moved from Boulder, CO to Richmond, VA to Washington, DC.
3) I started dating a cool guy named John, got engaged to him, and we are celebrating our one year anniversary today. We are going to get married sometime in September of 2009. Hip Hip Hurray! Expect lots of wedding details here.

I think those are the biggest updates. I still love to knit. Still hoping to design some fabulous items. Still trying to get down to my fighting weight for my wedding.

PS...Oh and seriously...I love Jared Flood and all of his delicious knitting goodness. I drooled all over my keypad today staring at his beautiful knits. I just don't know how he does it. Sigh...

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