Saturday, January 31, 2009

Baking Frenzy

I have to say...I love weekends. Even more so now that I am not a student. I did my grocery shopping last night (i didn'tget much though because I only had a $40 budget this week) so in theory, I don't have to leave the apartment at all today. I also have complete solitude because my boy is working.

I decided to celebrate the day by baking my little heart out. It's one pm and so far today I have made one dozen vegan bagels, tofu scramble for two, and six dozen non-vegan cookies (for the boys work). I am planning on making approximately 4 dozen burritos today (breakfast & lunch for the boy and I throughout the week), and a few dozen vegan cookies. Delicious. I am super proud about my bagels. They are cinnamon with green/purple raisins and craisins. I also added some cinnamon and sugar to the top for an added crunch. I got the recipe from this fantastic website called They have thousands of fabulous vegan recipes. I absolutely adore the happy vegan chocolate cookies and the kale chips. I made this tofu scramble for breakfast this morning with some toast and Earth balance. Mmmmm....

My boy bought me a new sewing machine for my birthday in December, and I have yet to use it today. That all changes today. This afternoon is filled with hours and hours of sewing goodness. I have a pair of flared jeans that are just screaming....'We want to become skinny jeans. Please!' I can't deny them this privilege. I am not too sure how skinny jeans will look on me....but lets give it a shot.

Oh and this is something completely random....I think my right armpit is sweating more so than my left one. It's very unbecoming at the gym to have sweat all on my right side...but not my left. I don't like sweating very much in the first place, but if I do sweat, I expect it to be even at least. I feel like it is the least that my body can do for me since i am trying to be healthy.

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