Sunday, January 20, 2008


So I finally joined everyone in the knitting community by knitting 'fetching.' They are a gift for one my best friends, Naomi. I knit them with RYC Cashsoft DK. I think the 'DK' is what caused my problem. I think they are a little too tight. They are still wearable, but they look like they are hanging on for dear life. They are stretched pretty thin. See --->
I am also kinda unsure about the yarn. Super soft...but it is already pilling which makes these things look so scruffy.

Also this week I knit a basic scarf for one of my guy friends birthday. I just used Lion Brand Wool-ease Thick and Quick. I attempted to make it not roll by having an inch of garter stitch on each side, but that didn't work at all. Still rolled like nobody's business. He loves it though and that is what really matters. Plus it is machine washable which is a must for this guy.

Tomorrow morning I am starting 'Foliage.' This is the hat that when I saw it published a few months ago, I fell in love instantly with it. It is what made me what to take knitting seriously. I had no idea that you could do those sorts of designs and patterns with two needles. I still haven't made it though. I had to get my Christmas knitting out the way. I still have one more Christmas/Birthday thing I have to do right now.....but I want to make foliage!! So I will. I am using Malabrigo for the first time and I am tickled pink by it. It is sooo beautiful. I think I am finally becoming a true yarn snob. Lovely!! Sigh...its called Verde esperanza. I really am in love.

Also I have decided to join the entire knitting community once more and make "Clapotis" for my mother for her birthday in April. I still haven't found a good yarn in my stash for it, but I haven't given up the hunt. is really getting in the way with my knitting desires.

PS This yarn website rocks.

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