Monday, January 14, 2008


Oh my goodness...I can't believe almost a month passed between posts. Ish!

This holiday season was crazy. I didn't get all of my Christmas knitting done, but I did come very close. I still have to make my stepdad's golf club covers, but his birthday is the 31st of this month, so I will give them to him by his birthday.

This weekend I made Saartje's Booties like everyone and their mom. I used some cute bee buttons that I found at Joann's. My biggest flaw as a knitter right now is my seaming. I honestly suck at it. Hard core. I can knit something that looks great and as soon as I have to seam it up, I mess it all up. That is something I have to work on.

Over winter break, I started on the 'So-Called Scarf' pattern. My local LYS (A Knitted Peace) was having a hard-core yarn sale after Christmas, so i picked up some Elizabeth Lavold 100% Alpaca yarn. My scarf keeps rolling and the ends look iffy.....hopefully blocking will work some sort of miracle.

I also picked up some RYC Cashsoft DK weight. I made the infamous calorimetry with it. Love it. I think it probably looks better on someone with longer hair, but I am going to rock that many a times this semester.

School offically starts today. Thankfully it is my last semester and I also only have classes on Tuesday and Thursday. How lovely!! I am going to start hopefully earning just a little bit of extra income through my etsy shop. I am going to start off with slowly selling earrings. Take a look!

I hope everyone has a happy monday!

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VeganCraftastic said...

Those booties are so cute, I love the bee buttons!