Thursday, March 5, 2009


I like to consider myself a somewhat hip person.

I got a facebook profile when it was just starting up, I have a blog (obviously) and I listen to a morally degrading radio show in the morning with a full range of crazy sound effects and pop songs (much to the demise of my NPR loving boy). But there is one trend that is escaping me. Twitter. I know that everyone is talking about it right now and hence.... the jumping on the bandwagon.

I admit...I have a twitter account, but after signing up I promptly forgot my username and password and haven't been back since. Maybe it's because my life has taken a sharp turn to becoming fairly boring after moving to DC, but I honestly don't really have anything that is really so fascinating that I feel like telling people about all the time. I have a hard enough time writing something interesting for this blog.

This would be my life on Twitter....

Nomsa @7:45am - Boy took over the bathroom. Threw away some used coffee grounds while waiting.
Nomsa @8:25am - Took a later bus than normal. Pretty packed. I like looking at handknit items on bus. Currently stalking a boy with a fabulous hat.
Nomsa @10:05am - Eating a homemade blueberry vegan bagel. Delicious.
Nomsa @1:15pm - Went downstairs and treated myself to BBQ potato chips. On the way out, danced with the security guard.
Nomsa @4:30pm - Went to the bank for work. On the way chatted with my mom. She is going to start a bakery. I want her to call it Cake Whore.
Nomsa @7:00pm - Really digging musical artist SIA. Listen to Buttons or Breathe Me.
Nomsa @7:15pm - Man on metro just talked to me for ten minutes about chickens and the different breeds of them he has on his farm. Random.
Nomsa @7:30pm - Having an existential crisis on the subway after reading a particularly captivating portion of Siddhartha.
Nomsa @8:45pm - Made an extremely crappy Quinoa curry. Not sure what happened. I think I hate cumin. Wasted lots of ingredients.
Nomsa @10:45pm - Boy reading Watchmen. Tinkering around with items for my Etsy store. Just uploaded some new products. Buy them!

If this is something that is captivating enough to produce an audience, I would consider figuring out my twitter password, but I have the feeling that it is not. I don't feel comfortable talking about my work (thankful to even have a job), I don't have a super-hero alias, nor do I participate in any death-defying activities. I am just a hard worker at a full-time job that spends every spare minute planning her wedding, crafting and giggling with the boy. A simple life, but I love it.

Till fascinating things begin to happen to me...I resonate with the wise words of Jon Stewart.

PS...My Save-the-Dates came in the mail yesterday! Hurray!! I don't like the color of the cardstock I got to go with them, so after I get new cardstock and figure out how to make envelopes, those will be out the door. In other words, probably not for another two weeks.

PPS...I think that it is so funny that the acronym for Save-the-Dates is STD. tee hee.

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