Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Adventures in DC

These last few days have been splendid and warm in DC. On Sunday the boy and I ventured out to explore some the monuments we had yet to see. Before we went to that area of town, we had to be obedient in following our Sunday ritual....Ben's Chili Bowl!

Delicious, delicious, delicious. Also historical and pivotal in black history in DC. This place has seen it all and is rich in culture. As well as delicious. They have fabulous vegan chili and the boy stuffs himself on a half smoke covered in Chili plus an order of chili cheese fries. Needless to say, his butt makes funny and stinky noises the rest of the day.

We finally remembered to bring the camera and took some pictures while we waited in the thirty person long line...

We rolled along to the Washington monument where it was extremely windy. Fun fact: no buildings in DC can be built above the height of the monument to intact the awe-inspiring nature of it.

(The boy claims that I could have just been standing against a wall and could be lying to you. FYI...I'm not. That is a real, full-bloodied Washington Monument behind me.)

We wandered through the WWII Memorial and Vietnam War Memorial (which my mom would like to point out was not a war but rather a conflict), and finally made our way to the treasure.

Mr. Abraham Lincoln.

Fun Fact: Mr. Lincoln apparently had a fetish for midgets. Seriously, I learned it in school. It was apparently quite the scandal in 1864.

I am really happy we got to see this memorial because it had been our 'must-see' list for a while. The area around the memorial was gorgeous and I bet it is just lovely when all the cherry blossoms bloom.

That was our Lazy Sunday, hopefully we have many more!

PS...this is proof I was near the Washington Monument. Notice giant statue in background.

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