Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Things I currently dig...

**Beware...shameless product endorsement ahead**

1) Bleach.

After living in a dorm for four years and learning that shoving all your socks, towels, jeans, cashmere and silk into one load would save you enough money a week to buy a pint of ice clothes took a dingy turn for the worse. Upon graduating and discovering that all my white clothes were various shades of blue...I realized the awesomeness of sorting ones darks from the whites. And that's not all...using bleach on these whites.
Growing up my mother did a bleach load of clothes each week for our socks, etc...but I never had the importance of bleach built into my fiber. That has all changed. On a whim, I bought a gallon of classic Clorox Bleach at Target for $1.54. I had big plans in mind for crafting, but decided to use it one evening to wash our white towels.

Oh my gosh......... I will never look back. It is incredible!!!

I keep finding new things to bleach and marvel at their whiteness in the laundry room. I mumble to myself about how they smell like a pool as I stuff them into my Ikea laundry bag. I keep creating conversations with people just so I can discuss how awesome bleach is.

I give myself one year until I am spinning and dancing with a crisp white tuxedo shirt.

2) Sabra Roasted Garlic Hummus.

Last Sunday I happily clipped a coupon for this hummus from my newspaper. $1.50 off!! The economy must be bad when they are practically giving hummus away. I went grocery shopping and threw the roasted garlic hummus in cart, while congratulating myself on being an excellent bargain shopper.
Then comes Monday. I packed the hummus in my lunch with some baby carrots and was very excited for my afternoon snack. The Sabra company places a enormous pile of garlic in the middle of the hummus, so I stir away.

Okay...seriously....this was the most delicious hummus of my life.

I wrote a letter to the Sabra company thanking them for making me so happy and that I was a customer for life. If you have never experienced their hummus, I suggest you do so now. It might just make your life a little better.

P.S. They have a new cranberry/fig hummus that I am dying to try.

3) Hulu.

My boy and I have this little 13" tv that on a good day gets three channels. When it is overcast, two. Once the world goes digital next week, we are going to be cast into a world of static. I recently discovered Hulu from my cousin's blog and now I have no fear of being completely unhip about the pop culture world. I knit...I watch TV...I discover shows I didn't even know I loved. This brings to my last love....

4) The Biggest Loser.

I laugh. I cry. I become inspiried. All from the comfort of my apartment while eating oreos covered in peanut butter. I don't think that there is any feeling that will compare to feeling like a giant hypocrite due to a reality tv show. Each week I spend two hours watching a shameless plug for 24-hour fitness, Yoplait and Cheerios while eating nachos. It's divine.

Oh yeah....My etsy shop is on the up-and-up. I hope to get a decent amount of products in there over the weekend. But feel free to check it out and provide me with some feedback. The next great Martha Stewart empire must start somewhere.


Amanda said...

Hello, dear cousin! SOOO happy you've learned about Hulu. Isn't it the best?

And a word: I love bleach too. It is my favorite. I love the way bleachy things smell. But it is hard on your clothes, so I don't use it on my fave whites. Might try vinegar--which is cheaper and does pretty much the same thing. Don't mix vinegar and bleach, though, or you will be awash in toxic fumes. xo

crossxmyxhooks said...

Hahahaah....I've never used bleach because knowing would end up on something and turn it that ugly shade of eww! hahahaha...glad you marvel at your laundry though. those towels have never felt so loved since they are rubbed on ones bum and all. ;)